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Stainless Steel Wire Mesh For Paper Making

Time: 2012_11_17

Senke company has supplied stainless steel wire mesh for many world biggest security paper making mills .we supply many sizes of paper making stainless steel wire mesh .

The stainless steel mesh is installed on mesh part of the paper making machine,it enable the pulp aqueous suspension preliminary dehydration ,to form wet paper sheet.

The stainless steel wire meshes have superior resistance to tension, bending force, abrasion resistance and tensile force,it can be used repeatedly.

Less mesh size ,bigger hole size ,better filtration rate.Papermaking newsprint, printing paper with a 60 to 70 mesh stainless steel wire mesh; typing paper with 90 to 100 mesh stainless steel wire mesh.

Paper making stainless steel wire mesh width:2.25m,2.5m,3m,5m,6m,6.5m.

Main material: 304,304L,316,316L.

stainless steel wire mesh for paper making's feature:
acid-resistant, wear-resistant, alkali-resistant, non-toxic, high temperature (180 degree environment can be a long operation), mesh smooth, strong tensile, good ventilation, smooth operation, seamless traces diameter of guided mesh wide adaptability, long life and other advantages.

Outside layer mesh:35mesh-100mesh(35mesh*40mesh ,40mesh*65mesh,70mesh*60mesh, 90mesh*60mesh);
Inside layer mesh :8mesh, 10mesh, 12mesh, 14mesh;
Middle layer mesh :40mesh*60mesh, 42mesh*65mesh;
Mesh diameter:1-5M.

Senke company supplies you high quality mesh products,excellent paper making mesh,credit sales is our company life,your order goods quality is our development!

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