Iron Foam

Iron foam is made of nano- or micro-scale iron powders. The microstructure is in the form of three-dimensional structure with open pores. It has good mechanical and processing properties. The pore size is micro-nanoscale and the porosity can be Within the range of 40-95%, the thickness of the material can be as thin as 0.1mm. The size and structure of the aperture can be designed and manufactured according to the user's application requirements.

The regular specification:
Aperture: 0.1mm-10mm (5-130ppi)
Porosity: 95%-98%
Through hole rate: ≥98%
Bulk density: 0.1-0.8g/cm3
Size: 500*1000

iron foamiron foam

1. Sound absorption: The porous structure has a wide frequency of sound absorption characteristics.
2. Insulation: Through additional processing, a high-noise interception can be obtained with good sound insulation.
3. Electron wave shielding: about 90dB electronic wave shielding.
4. Processability: It can be cut, bent, and simply pasted.
5. Fire resistance: Keep the shape stable, it is difficult to burn at high temperatures, high temperature.
6. Strong thermal conductivity.
7. Good air permeability, filtering effect, excellent gas and fluid flow stability.
8. High temperature above 1100 degrees, uniform pore structure, heat and heat transfer faster.

Iron foam is used for floor damping materials, filter materials, damping materials, decorative materials, high-grade packaging materials, structural materials, battery electrode materials, etc.

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