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How to Order Welded Wire Mesh?

Time: 2012_08_08

When order the welded wire mesh (panels), the general items to identify welded wire mesh should be known.

Wire Diameter: It is given in numbers BWG (Birmingham ) for being the most used for the manufacturers of wire mesh, to make sure if the wire diameter is measured correctly.
Mesh opening: Number of openings for linear count, measures of center the center of the parallel wires. Most wire mesh fabric manufacturers adopt the English count as standard.

  1. Welded Wire Mesh Type: galvanized (steel) welded mesh, PVC coated (iron, galvanized wire, steel wire) welded mesh, stainless steel welded wire mesh
  2. Mesh Opening. The square hole: 2/8” X 2/8”. The rectangle hole: 2/8” X 3/8”.
  3. Wire Diameter. If it is the PVC coated welded wire mesh, please give the inner wire diameter and outer diameter.
  4. Width, Length be feet or meter.
  5. Weight per roll.
  6. Colors for PVC coated mesh. Green, brown, yellow, white, black, etc.
  7. Packaging. Water proof paper then poly then one roll in one pack of gunny bag.
  8. Quantity of rolls or panels about welded wire mesh.