Filter Discs

Filter discs are made of stainless steel wire mesh, monel 400 wire mesh, nickel wire mesh, galvanized wire mesh, titanium wire mesh, phosphor bronze wire mesh, copper wire mesh, brass wire mesh, black wire cloth (plain steel wire cloth),etc.

Type of filter discs:
1. Wire mesh filter discs;
2. Disc filter single layer;
3. Disc filters multi-layered;
4. Diameter of the wire mesh disc: from 5mm to 600mm;
5. Fineness of disc filters: from 2mesh to 2800mesh;
6. Disc Filters Shapes: round, square, oval and others can be made according to customer's requirments.

Variety of wire mesh disc filter: round filter discs with multiple mesh layers, leaf filters, pack filters, strainers and sieves or other forms.

We can produce different meshes according to customers' special requests.

filter discs filter discs

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