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Stainless Steel Printing Mesh Screen

Time: 2012_12_5

Senke company is a top of stainless steel woven wire mesh supplier for screen printing, Stainless steel printing mesh,high effect plain weave stainless steel wire mesh,high precision stainless steel printing mesh and other metal printing mesh.
Senke company mainly supplies stainless steel printing mesh in material 304N,316,316L.
stainless steel printing mesh is the dedicated wire mesh for screen printing production.The mesh surface very flat and no any joint,Uniform mesh, high strength friction, stretching the small response rate,acid,does not change the intensity of the ultraviolet impact.Stainless steel printing mesh particularly compact and,at the same time ensure the mesh thick tension value within the allowable tolerance range,the degree of stretching of the mesh and increase network through the use of carefully selected special alloy materials,as well as the use of the most advanced weaving techniques the precision of the sub to be more suitable for high-density printing.
Stainless steel printing mesh is applied to the printing plate surface for surface printing products.Particularly suitable for use in harsh environments, multi-color overprint, batch printing,tone printing, precision printing Safe.
Stainless steel printing mesh is widely used in the printing chip components,printed electronic circuit boards,microelectronics (resistors,capacitors,inductors),thick film circuit,printed solar panels,printing liquid crystal display, printing,glass,ceramics,printing high-end cosmetic bottles, upscale bottle,print ads,magazines,advertising,electronic screen, printed matchboxes, cigarette case.
The regular specification follows as:
1.165mesh x 0.05mm
2.180mesh x 0.05mm
3.200mesh x 0.04mm and 200mesh x 0.05mm
4.230mesh x 0.035mm
5.250mesh x 0.04mm
6.270mesh x 0.035mm and 270mesh x 0.03mm
7.290mesh x 0.02mm
8.300mesh x 0.03mm
9.325meshx 0.028mm,325mesh x 0.030mm and 325mesh x 0.023mm
10.400mesh x 0.023mm
11.Roll size:1.02m wide x 30m length and 1.22m wide x 30m length.

Stainless steel printing meshes'features:
1.High tension: tension value is much higher than the commonly used polyester mesh and tension stability.
2.Ultra-high precision: diameter opening is fairly uniform, a very small error rate.
3.The low elongation: at high tension, the mesh of a small degree of stretching.
4.High yield point: In the high tension wire mesh will not deform and lose elasticity.
5.Highly wear: wear resistance of the wire is excellent, far more than the fiber.
6.Static: prevent electrostatic impact of printing, to ensure the printing effect.
7.Fusibility resistance: suitable for hot melt ink, the special advantages of the stencil.
8.Good solvent resistance: prevent various solvents on the screen-injury, and ensure the security of the printing.

Senke company supplies you high quality of stainless steel woven mesh products,welcome to inquiry and order!

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