O-18 production mesh,wire mesh woven structured packing mesh

Time: 2012_09_05

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Oxygen isotope stability which is widely used in indutrial,agriculture,medicine,pharmacology,biology and national defense science and other fields.

The isotopic form has 3 kinds,namely 16O,17O and 18O.O-18 water and PET(nuclear medicine)developing drug on the special reagent.

O-18 water production method,with natural water as raw materials by distillation and enrichment of O-18 water,which is now used more industrialized production of O-18 water is one of the main methods.

The method of water distillation device mainly comprises a plurality of series or series parallel distillaton column,the distillation column filled with specific suface area of 1000-3000m2/m3 particulate filler and specific surface area of 350-700m2/m3 wire mesh packing filler.

The wire mesh packing is made by phosphor bronze wire mesh,which is 100mesh mainly.This kind of meshes have very high filtration feature.

Phosphor bronze corrugated wire mesh structured packing,phosphor bronze packings are being fabricated for commercial upgradation and final enrichment of heavy water.Wire mesh woven structured packing,packaging materials because of its good water-vapor barrier properties.

Our structured packings in sheet metal and wire meshes provide high separation.

Hebei General Metal Netting Co.,Ltd manufactures and exports phosphor bronze wire mesh from 1mesh to 400mesh,phosphor bronze wire meshes are used in O-18 water production.

Our brass wire mesh,copper wire mesh,phosphor bronze wire mesh and stainless steel wire mesh all are best wire mesh packing mesh which is used in distillation column for chemical separation.

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