Double Wire Fence

Double Wire Fence also names as twin wire fence panel. It has refined deign, plain panel and installs convenient.This professional fencing system usually choose square posts (50*50mm, 60*60mm) or rectangular posts (60*40mm,80*60mm and 120*60mm) with high strength as stanchions. The panels and posts are jointed together with bolts or rivets, using the steel flat bar, or special steel clamps.

The finished surface usually is galvanized and PVC coating, or alternatively. The thickness of PVC coating is 1000-1200 microns usually and powder coating is minimum 100 mircons.It obtains high strong powers to resist the construction.

Double wire fence uses high quality of low carbon steel wire rod as raw material.

Surface treatment :
Hot dipped galvanized;
Electro galvanized;
Electro galvanized with pvc coated or powder coated;
PVC coated and powder coated;
Finished colors in Dark Green RAL 6005 or Black RAL 9005.Other RAL colors available on request.

The twin wires fence panel is pressure welded of single vertical wire and two horizontal wires.Width of the panel: 2500mm.Height of the panel: 630mm, 830mm, 1030mm, 1230mm, 1430mm, 1630mm, 1830mm, 2030mm, 2230mm and 2430mm.Spike to top edge: 30mm.Mesh size: 200x50mm.The 200mm x 50mm mesh ensures good visibility through the fence whilst the wire provides a high level of rigidity.Double wire fence has two types of fence panels:
1.Horizontal wires:double 6mm and vertical wire:single 5mm;
2.Horizontal wires:double 8mm and vertical wire:single 6mm.

Double Wire Fence

Double wire fence can resist ultraviolet radiation very strongly and has high degree of security.
Due to the use of heavy welded mesh in conjunction with double horizontal wires, welded mesh fencing panel is extremely rigid.
The using coating technology guarantees double wire fence a long lifetime.
Galvanizing on the surface of the fence ensures double wire fence a strong acid and alkali.

Double wire fences are used for fencing most industrial sites, sporting fields, multi games areas as well as protection of schools and nurseries.
Thanks to the functional and esthetical properties, double wire fences are used more and more by domestic clients and authorities, as boundaries around playing fields, parks and living areas.

Double Wire FenceDouble Wire Fence

Twin Wire FenceDouble Wire Fence

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