Flat Wire Conveyor Belts

Flat wire conveyor belts is also called honycomb conveyor belt, which is a kind of friction-driven machinery for continuous transport of materials, the application of the flat wire conveyor belts can be a certain material in the transmission line, from the initial feeding point to the final discharge point between the formation of a material Delivery process.

Honycomb conveyor belt can be carried out both scattered material delivery, can also be carried into pieces of goods delivery. In addition to the pure material transport, but also with the industrial production process in the process of matching the requirements of the process, the formation of a rhythm of the water transport operations. Therefore, the flat wire conveyor belts is widely used in a variety of modern industrial enterprises, is the industry automation devices and modern automated assembly line essential accessories.

Low carbon steel, manganese steel, 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel.

Flat wire conveyor belts are used in washing, drying, cooling, heat treatment of the conveyor line, food bread line, frozen machinery in the spiral tower transport, spraying, cleaning machinery and heavy transport machinery commonly used. Honycomb conveyor belts are widely used in light industry machinery, sterilization machine, silk printing and dyeing, food, power generation, pharmaceutical, garment processing industry, such as automatic transmission line.

flat wire conveyor beltshonycomb conveyor belts

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