Air Filter

Air filter means clear the air of particulate impurities means. Piston machines (internal combustion, reciprocating compressor air filter, etc.) is in operation, if the intake air containing dust and other impurities will be increased wear and tear of parts, it is necessary to install free filter. Air filter cartridge and the housing consists of two components. The main requirements of the air filter is a high filtration efficiency, low flow resistance, can be used continuously for a long time without maintenance.

In the course of the engine to inhale a lot of air, if the air without filtration, dust suspended in the air is sucked into the cylinder, it will accelerate the piston assembly and cylinder wear. Larger particles enter between the piston and the cylinder can cause serious "pull-cylinder" phenomenon, which is particularly serious in dry sandy working environment. Carburetor or air filter installed in front of the intake manifold, played filter the air in the dust, sand role, to ensure that a sufficient amount into the cylinder, clean air.

Applications: Mainly for engineering locomotives, cars, farm vehicles, laboratories, sterile operating room and operating room in a variety of sophisticated air filtration.

Advantages and disadvantages of various air filter, but inevitably there are conflicts of intake air and filtration efficiency. With the in-depth study of the air filter, air filter requirements are also increasing. There have been some new type of air filter, such as a fiber filter air filter, dual filter material air filter, muffler air filter, air filter thermostats, etc., to meet the needs engine work.

air filter air filter

air filter air filter

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