Aluminum Foam

Aluminium Foam is made of pure aluminum or aluminum alloy and added with additives. After foaming process, it has both metal and bubble characteristics. It has small density, high absorption shock resistance, high temperature resistance, strong fire resistance, corrosion resistance, noise reduction, low thermal conductivity, high electromagnetic shielding, strong weather resistance, filtration capacity, easy processing, easy installation, high forming accuracy , can be surface coating.

Aluminum foam has excellent physical properties, chemical and mechanical properties and recyclability. These excellent properties of foamed aluminum make it a broad application prospect in today's materials field, and it is a very promising engineering material, especially in the transportation industry, aerospace industry and building structure industry.

The regular specification:
Aperture: 0.3-7mm;
High and controlled porosity: 63% - 90%;
Large specific surface area: 10 - 45cm2/cm3;
Pore structure diversification; closed-cell, through-hole and micro-via aluminum foam;
The metal skeleton composition and pore structure are controllable and can adapt to different needs.

Aluminum foamAluminium foam

1. Foam aluminum has a wide range of applications. The low density, high stiffness, sound insulation, thermal insulation, fire resistance, energy absorption, and non-toxicity properties of foam aluminum are widely used in the rail transit industry. Such as in the compartments and containers in the thermal insulation, energy absorption and fire protection, anti-virus components.
2.Using the sound-insulating, sound-absorbing and energy-absorbing properties of foamed aluminum for environmental protection in urban construction, such as: acoustic screens; automotive manufacturing for energy-absorbing components and sound-absorbing components such as bumpers and mufflers.
3. The low density, high stiffness and low thermal conductivity of foam aluminum are widely used in energy-saving buildings, such as: heat-insulated walls and fire-insulated doors, and energy-saving mobile houses.
4. Available in the military industry, sound-absorbing and anti-magnetic components, such as: tanks, submarine shell sandwich panels.
5. The heat-insulating, shock-proof and energy-absorbing components of other machinery manufacturing and aviation industries can be made of foamed aluminum.

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