Silver Foam

The microscopic structure of silver foam has a three-dimensional structure with open pores, good mechanical properties, and processing properties. Its aperture size, porosity, material thickness (can be made into ultra-thin structure, about 0.1 mm) and the structure can be designed and manufactured according to the requirements of the user's application. The foam silver is made of nanometer or micron silver powder. Silver has the role of nano silver.

The regular specification:
1. Porosity: ≥85%
2. Number of holes: 80-110PPI
3. Thickness: (0.2-2.5)±0.05mm
4. Specific surface area: ≥10m2/g
5. Tensile strength: longitudinal ≥ 1.25N/mm2; transverse ≥ 1.00N/mm2
6. Elongation: longitudinal ≥ 5%; transverse ≥ 12%
7. Width: (50-400)±0.5mm.

Silver foamSilver foam

Silver foam has superior thermal conductivity. Silver is the best metal for thermal conductivity, with a thermal conductivity of 418.6 W/(m·K), which can be used for the rapid and efficient thermal and heat sink application of major equipment for electrical/electrical and semiconductor electronic components.

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