Nickel Foam

Nickel foam is a kind of sound absorption material with excellent performance, and has a high sound absorption coefficient at high frequencies; its sound absorption performance at low frequencies can be improved through the design of sound-absorbing structures.
Nickel foam is sponge-like porous metal and their composite layer porous body can be used as filtration carrier, chemical catalyst carrier, electromagnetic shielding material, precious metal replacement and recovery, and other fields.

The regular specification:
1. Thickness range: 0.3mm ~ 40mm
2. PPI range: 10PPI ~ 110PPI
3. Body density: 0.2g / cm3 ~ 2g / cm3
4. Standard Size: width 200mm,250mm,300mm,500mm,etc;
5. Special specifications can be supplied according to the buyer's requirements.

nickel foamnickel foamnickel foamnickel foam

1. Battery electrode material
Nickel foam is mainly used for battery electrode materials, especially for NiMH batteries. Such rechargeable batteries are widely used in laptop computers, mobile phones, electric scooters, electric bicycles, and hybrid vehicles.
2. Fuel cell
Molten carbonate fuel cells typically operate at temperatures between 550-700°C, and nickel foam can be an electrocatalyst for molten carbonate fuel cells. Foamed nickel can be used in bipolar plate modified materials for proton exchange membrane producing cells (PEMFCs), electrode relay feeders for solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs), and electrode materials in electrolysis (as in water electrolysing environments). Increasing surface area can also be used to generate hydrogen and syngas for fuel cells.
3. Catalyst material
Unique opening structure, low pressure input hole, inherent tensile strength and thermal shock resistance make nickel foam become the catalyst carrier for automotive catalyst converters, catalytic combustion, and black smoke purifiers for diesel vehicles. During the cold start of the engine, carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons are converted. Due to the heat conduction properties, the foamed nickel catalyst carrier may be superior to the ceramic catalyst carrier. In this sense, the nickel foam may be compared with a high temperature resistant steel catalyst carrier or higher than the high temperature resistance. Steel catalyst carrier is superior. Other applications for the foamed nickel catalyst may include the Fischer-Tropsch reaction, gas modification, hydrogenation of fine chemicals, foam catalyst support.
4. Other applications
Nickel foam can be used as a filter material to treat magnetic flux conductors in fluids. Other applications include the use of hydrogen storage media and heat exchange media.

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