Sterilization Baskets

Sterilization Baskets are one kind of stainless steel instrument cleaning baskets. Stainless steel instrument cleaning baskets are mostly used for disinfection and sterilization. Main products: washing baskets, disinfection baskets, sterilization baskets, stainless steel baskets.

1. It is made of stainless steel and treated by surface treatment. It is durable, bright as mirror, no rust and no change.
2, the use of micro-dot resistance welding and welding technology without the butt welding, so that the product has no protruding solder joints, no welds, no burrs, no shedding, safe use.
3, grid design is conducive to the penetration of water or steam to ensure cleaning and sterilization effects.

disinfection basketsSterilization BasketsSterilization Basketsstainless steel wire baskets

Sterilization Baskets can be used for sterilization, ultrasonic cleaning, storage and the like of the articles, in particular, the surgical instruments and the medical instruments can be put into the instrument tray for cleaning and sterilization. Medical instrument trays are suitable for medical institutions, hospital departments, such as operating rooms, wards, and other medical institutions related to cleaning and disinfection.

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