Copper Foam

Copper foam is a new type of multifunctional material with a large number of connected or unconnected holes evenly distributed in the copper matrix. The foam copper has good conductivity and ductility, and its preparation cost is lower than that of foamed nickel, and its conductivity is better. It can be used to prepare battery negative electrode (carrier) material, catalyst carrier and electromagnetic shielding material. In particular,copper foam is used as the base material for the battery as an electrode, which has some obvious advantages.

The regular specification:
Heat transfer coefficient: >6w/(m2k)
Mechanical strength: ≥2.5Mpa
Tensile strength: 5-18Kpa
Aperture: 0.1-10mm
Porosity: 60-98%
Through hole rate: ≥98
Bulk density: 0.5-1.5g/cm3
PPI (number of holes per inch length): 5-130 PPI.

Copper foamCopper foam

Copper foam is widely used in aerospace, aerospace, petroleum, automotive, construction, chemical, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, electrochemical and military industries, specific applications: exhaust gas filtration, diesel particulate traps, oil purifiers, catalyst carriers, oil production Gas remover, sound absorption, noise reduction, heat insulation, heat removal, air filtration, filter, vacuum filtration, open car filter, smoke filter in chemical plant, oil tank windshield, seawater separation and filtration, pipeline filtration Disinfection, water desalination evaporator baffles, motor mufflers, energy absorbers, catalytic converters, indoor switchboards, light and high-strength plates, thin veins, spacecraft wing structure, jet engine mute, tooth heat Exchangers, heat sinks, high temperature engine regenerators, liquid heat exchangers, cooling tower capacitors, battery plates, porous spark plugs, etc.

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