Flexible Rod Conveyor Belts

Flexible Rod Conveyor Belts is usually used in the frozen food industry. It is one of the essential accessories for the quick-freezing machine. It is different from the ordinary woven metal mesh belt. This kind of mesh belt is made of stainless steel straight strip with thick wire diameter and U-shaped chain. And a combination of stainless steel caps. There is no need for manual weaving, mainly because there are many welding processes. The welding of flexible rod conveyor belts has certain difficulty. It is necessary to weld stainless steel straight strips, U-chains and small caps with one solder joint. The current needs to be adjusted to a large extent during welding. The weld must be strong and tidy.

Material: stainless steel 304, stainless steel 316;
Wire diameter: 1.20mm, 1.40mm,1.50mm,1.60mm,1.70mm, 1.80mm;
Rod diameter: 5mm, 6mm, 7mm;
Spiral pitch: 6-40mm;
Rod pitch: 19.05mm,25.40mm,27.40mm,30.00mm,30.50mm,38.10mm;
Belt width: 304.80mm-1376mm;
Specific specification is also available according to requirements.

Flexible Rod Conveyor Belts are widely used in food, beverages, dairy products, meat products, dehydrated vegetable processing, metal mesh belt daily chemicals, aquatic products processing, mineral water, cans, electronics, batteries, seafood, tires, paper, wood, textile, Light industry, postal, warehousing, rubber and other industries.

Flexible Rod Conveyor BeltsFlexible Rod Conveyor Belts

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