Aluminum Tuff Mesh

Aluminum Tuff Mesh is used as ventilation materials or screening materials against pets and insects. 14mesh x 0.46mm or 0.41mm. Tuff mesh is a heavy duty insect screen that is ideal for use in high traffic areas, and screening security doors and windows and bushfire prone areas, suitable for resisting tears and damages from pets and childrenis pet and tear resistant.

Aluminum Tuff Security Screen

  • Aluminum Tuff Mesh
  • 0.41mm or 0.46mm wire diameter
  • 14mesh x 14mesh per inch
  • Open area 60% and 56%
  • Plain weave
  • Black powder coated

1) Perfect flat surface, beautiful finish, well-proportioned aperture, and no blemish;
2) Aluminum tuffmeshes' surface treatment with Powder coating;
3) Strong durable mesh;
4) Resists damage caused by pets;
5) Minimizes outside glare;
6) Maintains visibility.

Aluminum Tuff Screen

Regular roll size:
810mm x 14meters (15m, 16m,30m)
910mm x 14meters (15m, 16m,30m)
1220mm x 14meters (15m, 16m,30m)

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