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Stainless Steel Security Screen

Stainless steel security screen has a special woven security door and windows screen,burglarproof, bulletproof,anti-fly and mosquito together,offer high secure and views appreciation.allowing the cool breezes through your home with clear views.the most popular to Australia,New Zealand market.

Stainless Steel Security Screen

  • 316 marine stainless steel mesh
  • 0.8mm wire diameter
  • 11mesh x 11mesh per inch
  • Open area
  • Plain weave
  • Black powder coated



Stainless Steel Security Screen

Perfect security screen offer artistic appreciation and practicability:

  • Smooth wire,equal wire diameter and tensile strength
  • High strength: 750-950Mpa
  • Equal aperture size
  • Flat and straight surface
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Quality meet Australia standard,pass knife test,impact test, jemmy attack test.

In stock:

Shijiazhuang Senk keeps in tock all kinds width of stainless steel and hot dipped galvanised steel mesh,quickly lead time.

  • 750mm x 2000mm,750mm x 2400mm
  • 900mm x 2000mm,900mm x 2400mm
  • 1200mm x 2000mm,1200mm x 2400mm
  • Customized width 1.5mm
  • 25 PCS / 50PCS packing in One case,waterproof paper covered each PC
  • Customized package required offered

Compared SS 304, 0.9mm SS Mesh: Some peoples said SS304-0.9mm is better than SS316-0.8mm stainless steel security screen:

  • SS 316 woven mesh better corrosion resistive,particular to pitting corrosion than 304 one.
  • SS304 woven mesh surface pitting or corrosion has potential problem.
  • SS316-0.8mm woven mesh has ultra high tensile wire after woven.
  • Even thicker wire can be easily cut if they are soft or low tensile strength.

For Security Door Screens Security screens widely useful for security door field.theftproof,decorative:

  • Security door screens
  • Sliding door screens
  • Out door screens
  • Inside door screens
  • Decorative facade
  • Decorate ceiling
  • Balustrade infill panels
  • Hand-railing infill panels

For Security window Screens Security screen mesh net opening 1.5mm,anti-fly,inesct,mosquito.

  • Security window screens
  • Window guards
  • Sun shading screens
  • Patio enclsure screen
  • Pool fence

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