Eye Link Conveyor Belts

Eye link conveyor belt is made of round wire made of eye shape and then made up of shafts made of mesh belt, net belt lighter weight; processing of liquid and gas can be easily through; easy to clean; use sprocket or drum drive. Eye link belts does not produce the phenomenon of slider, you can use a smaller drum diameter, which can ensure good operation; easy to repair;.

Chain drive, smooth operation, the network relative to the small force: temperature range minus 55 degrees Celsius to 1150 degrees Celsius: can be added at the edge of the baffle and horizontal baffle. Materials - carbon steel, galvanized steel, weathering steel, high temperature steel. Usually used in the furnace baking, quenching tank, washing machine, frying machine, quick-freezing machine and so on. Flexible pitch, mesh surface smooth, easy to clean, no additional chain drive, high transport strength, carrying capacity, eye accuracy, long life and so on.

Material: carbon steel, stainless steel 201, 304,316, 316L and so on.

Eye link conveyor belt
is used in quick-drying equipment, casting equipment, quenching tank, dehydration equipment, sterilization equipment drying equipment, stainless steel blast equipment, filtration equipment, packaging equipment, baking furnace, cooling equipment, blanching equipment, Packaging equipment, cleaning equipment and so on.

Eye Link Conveyor BeltEye Link Conveyor Belts

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