Aluminium Race Grill Mesh

Werson company offers aluminium racing grille mesh vent car race tuning grill. We have universal section of black aluminum mesh and silver aluminium grill with diamond shaped pattern. We also have the honeycomb and hexagonal version.

Aluminium Race Grill Mesh is a form of metal shear metal plates, and there are no welds and connections, which allows the distribution of loads evenly over a large area.
Light weight even stronger than steel, non-slip surface, open mesh design makes it an ideal product such as gangway platform, safety fence, bridges, etc.

Material: aluminium.

Aperture: 28 x 10 mm, 16 x 8 mm, 12 x 5 mm, 10 x 6 mm, 10 x 5 mm, 8 x 4 mm.

Sheet sizes: 50 x 30 cm, 100 cm x 30 cm, 150 x 30 cm, 150 x 40 cm, 150 x 50 cm, 150 x 60 cm.

Light weight, easy to cut and install.

Universal application, for example Front and rear skirts, grille and ventilation grilles.

Aluminium Race Grill MeshAluminium Black Race Grill Mesh

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