Copper Wire Meshes' Application

Brass Wire Mesh|brass mesh screen|brass wire screen|brass screening Nowadays the filtration develop very fast,and take up of most field industry.

So the filtration material uses very widely.

Like the brass wire mesh,brass mesh screen,Phosphor Bronze Wire Mesh,hosphor Bronze Wire screen, Phosphor Bronze mesh screen,Phosphor Bronze Mesh screening, copper wire mesh, stainless steel wire mesh.

Werson Group mainly produces and exports brass wire mesh, phosphor bronze wire mesh,copper wire mesh, EMI shielding mesh, filtration mesh, filter mesh screen, packing mesh, industrial mesh for 10 years to the world.

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Brass wire mesh:
Material: Brass wire
Application: screening a variety of particles,powder,porcelain clay,glass,chinaware printing, filtering liquid and gas,Mining, metallurgy,construction, medicine and other industries of the screening,etc.
brass wire cloth from 2mesh/inch-220mesh/inch;
copper wire cloth from 10mesh/inch-60mesh/inch;
phosphor bronze wire cloth from 1mesh-400mesh/inch
Width:0.914M, 1M, 1.5M,2.8M

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