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About Senk Company

Time: 2012_08_24

Rich experience
We, Senk Import and Export Trading Co.,Ltd, are manufacturing three series in woven wire mesh,welded mesh and security fencing system.Woven wire mesh includes in stainless steel wire mesh,brass wire mesh,phosphor bronze wire mesh, red copper wire mesh,stainless steel security screen,galvanized steel security screen,dutch woven wire cloth,plain dutch weave wire cloth,twill dutch weave wire cloth,reverse dutch weave wire cloth,five heddle wire cloth and crimped wire mesh.Welded mesh includes in welded wire mesh roll,welded mesh sheet,welded mesh panel and reinforcing steel mesh.Security fencing system includes in double wire fence,welded mesh fencing,roll top fencing,paladin fencing,358 security fencing,3510 security fencing,securextra 2D security fencing,tempory fencing,chain link fencing,concertina barbed tape,barbed wire fence,ornamental fence,decorative mesh panel fencing and euro fencing, other products since the 1999. And we are a quality-oriented company and the professional supplier of wire mesh products in North of China.

Large scale of manufacturing capacity
For wire mesh products, we have thress series products to serve our customers in Australia, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, Korea, Taiwan, North America,South America,Middle East, Europe,etc.

Since we have more than 30kinds of wire mesh products, our prices and delivery which we offer would be quite competitive. Your inquiry or request of quotation will be welcome.

About Woven Wire Mesh

Woven wire mesh is a woven fabric made of any metallic wire that is pliable enough to lend itself to weaving.Stainless Steel Wire Cloth adopts high quality of stainless steel wire for weaving.Stainless Steel Wire Cloth is made from 1mesh to 650mesh.Brass Wire Mesh is from 1mesh to 220mesh.Phosphor bronze wire mesh is from 1mesh to 400mesh.Red copper wire mesh is from 1mesh to 180mesh. woven wire mesh is mild steel, stainless steel, hi-tensile steel, galvanized steel and brass wire.

About Welded Mesh

welded wire mesh is a spot welded mesh by electro galvanized wire,hot dipped galvanized wire and low carbon steel wire.Mesh size is from 6.35mm to 150mm.Wire diameter is from 0.5mm to 3mm.Welded mesh can be formed in welded mesh roll or welded mesh sheet.Width of welded mesh roll is from 0.5m to 2.4m.Length of welded mesh roll is from 10m to 100m.Welded mesh panel is welding by electro galvanized wire,hot dipped galvanized wire and low carbon steel wire.Mesh size is from 25mm to 400mm.Wire diameter is from 3mm to 6mm.Width of welded mesh panel is from 0.5m to 2.5m.Length of welded mesh panel is from 1m to 6m.Welded mesh and welded mesh panels' surface treatment can be made in hot dipped galvanized after welded and pvc coated or powder coated after welded.Reinforcing steel mesh is made by plain steel wire rod or deformed steel wire rod.Wire diameter is from 6mm to 14mm.Mesh size is from 100mm to 400mm.Width of reinforcing steel mesh is from 0.5m to 2.5m.Length of reinforcing steel mesh is from 1m to 6m.

About Security Fencing

Welded mesh fencing is welded by electro galvanized wire,hot dipped galvanized wire and low carbon steel wire.Mesh sizes have 200x50mm,150x50mm,200x55mm and 200x100mm.Wire diameter is from 3.0mm to 8.0mm.Height of fence panel is from 630mm to 2430mm.Width of fence panel is from 1m to 2.5m.Surface treatment: hot dipped galvanized,electro galvanized and electro galvanized with pvc coated or powder coated.Colors:RAL6005,RAL9005.Other colors also are available.Fence panel offers great strength and endurance to bending over the whole surface and we add to 2 to 4 folds in a "V".In turn,the 30mm or 50mm that blunt at the top or bottom are uncut wires.

■ Features

Woven mesh is  easily fabricated, durability, heat resistance, High pressure-resistance, Washability, Filtration and Separation, Uniform aperture size.

■ Application

Woven wire meshes are used for under indutrials as follows:

  • Chemical
  • Food and beverage
  • Mining
  • Refining
  • Healthcare
  • Architectural
  • Acoustic
  • Automotive
  • Security
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Environmental

Welded mesh is a prefabricated steel reinforcing material.Welded mesh is used especially in reinforcing all sorts of concrete structures such as slabs, walls, webs, beams, column footing, highways, tunnels and galleries. However, apart from these, there are other available welded wire mesh types which are used for garden fencing, safety railings and suspended ceilings. According to the customers' demand, these can be manufactured as hot dipped galvanized and polyester painted.

Security Fencing is used for residential areas, housing,farms, gardens, industrial,parks, gardens, commercial and sports complexes.

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