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Wire Mesh for Paper Making

Time: 2012_09_16

Senke company offers brass wire mesh, stainless steel wire mesh and phosphor bronze wire mesh for paper-making at the width from 2m to 8m. Phosphor bronze wire mesh from 1mesh to 400mesh, brass wire mesh from 1mesh to 200mesh, wire mesh with three kinds of wire materials and from 65x195mesh to 100x300mesh in Dutch weave, stainless steel wire mesh in different specification is available. It was installed in the paper-making machine net department, which can make the water suspension of pulp preliminary dehydration, and then form the wet paper pages.

Our stainless steel wire mesh for paper making has the properties of superior tensile strength, bending strength, abrasion resistance and stretchability. Stainless steel paper-making mesh has the best advantage of acid-resistant, wear-resistant, alkali-resistant, non-toxic, high temperature (in the 180-degree environment can be a long time operation), while meshes’ surface smooth, tensile strong, good ventilation, running smoothly, no seam marks, wide adaptability, long life and so on.With these high performance properties, stainless steel wire mesh for screen printings are widely used.

The phosphor bronze wire mesh include square mesh sizes,rectangular mesh sizes in plain weave,twill weave and three mesh sizes, both of warp and weft of square mesh sizes are tin-bronze wire,and the warp of rectangular mesh is made of tin-bronze with the weft made of brass,thus possessing excel-lent corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance.they are applied as circular mesh and long mesh in paper-making industry,as well as riddling and filtering mesh in other industries.


  • High precision of the mesh openings
  • Uniform weave (no mesh striping)
  • Exceptionally high yield point
  • Very narrow thickness tolerances
  • Large open areaFirm mesh binding
  • Easy to use (flat lying, no curl)
  • No static charge


  • High tension: much higher tension than common polyester mesh and smooth tension;
  • Super precision: uniform wire diameter and aperture with extremely low difference;
  • Low elongation: very small elongation of wire mesh at high tension;
  • High flexibility: the wire mesh will not lose elasticity at extreme tension;
  • High corrosion resistance: the excellent corrosion resistance of stainless steel wire exceeds polyester fiber;
  • Good solvent resistance: to avoid the affects of any solvents to wire mesh and to ensure the safety of print screen.

Use:In dehydrating of paper-making, also mine, metallurgy, chemical industry, rubber, cement making, filtration of fluid and sifting of particles.