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  • 2013_01_11Available Materials for Wire Cloth

    Woven wire clothes' materials are available in titanium, monel, nickel, copper, brass, inconel 600, incoloy 800, hastelloy B, hastelloy C-276, molybdenum, tantalum, tungsten, phosphor bronze and nichrome.
  • 2012_12_05Stainless Steel Printing Screen Mesh

    Senke company offers high quality of woven mesh for screen printing, your best partner of printing wire mesh supplier.Stainless steel printing mesh is our main products.
  • 2012_11_27Stainless Steel EMI Shielding Mesh

    Senke company offers shielding woven wire mesh for laboratory, computer room and special facilities for radiation protection..
  • 2012_11_17Stainless Steel Wire Mesh For Paper Making

    Senke company offers stainless steel wire mesh for paper making with superior resistance to tension, bending force, abrasion resistance and tensile force,it can be used repeatedly..
  • 2012_09_16Wire Mesh For Paper Making

    Senke company offers brass wire mesh, stainless steel wire mesh and phosphor bronze wire mesh for paper-making at the width from 2m to 8m.
  • 2012_09_05O-18 Production Mesh,Filter Mesh

    O-18 production mesh,wire mesh woven structured packing mesh,O-18 water production method,with natural water as raw materials by distillation and enrichment of O-18 water,which is now used more industrialized production of O-18 water is one of the main methods.
  • 2012_08_08How to Order Welded Wire Mesh?

    When order the welded wire mesh (panels), the general items to identify welded wire mesh should be known.
  • 2012_08_08Chain Link Fence Cost Calculate

    Chain link fencing to ensure privacy which is filled with slats to prevent people from seeing through, will cost anywhere between $6 to $40 a foot depending on gauge and finish.
  • 2012_08_29What is your standard of wire mesh checking?

    We check the wire according to the national standard (GB5330-85) and our enterprise regulation about raw material defects and relative solution.
  • 2012_08_24About Senke Company

    Senke company is manufacturing three series in woven wire mesh,welded mesh and security fencing system.
  • 2012_08_10Our Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Quality Control

    Hydraulic Mesh Flattening Machine Features: First-class mesh extending and flattening machine in China. The wire mesh has even smoother surface after being extended (for 100mesh under).
  • 2012_08_10Our Vision

    Being Honest & Creditable: We always insist on the policy of "Being Honest and Creditable" and the policy of Reputation First, as we believe this is the way to build our brand